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2020 Summary
A great year at the pen!! We got our 1500 birds and again, had low mortality raising them. Releasing started in late August and we were able to stock more places than ever. Again, we kept about 300 hens and 75 roosters to collect eggs from to donate to a Moose Jaw school. We had more hunters report shooting banded birds than ever. The form to report a banded bird is on the SCWF webpage during the hunting season.
A big thanks to the landowners that let us release birds on their lands, our sponsors who support this amazing project and to our awesome volunteers for time and efforts who make this project as great as it is.
Ron Button and Chris Grainger

A huge thank you to Rebel Nutrition here in Swift Current for the generous donation of bird starter for the 2021 pheasant chicks! Thank you for your support to our program!
Pheasant Pen History
The Pheasant Project got its own home after many years of raising birds at various locations in the southwest. Thanks to the Jerry Smith family a plot of land was donated to SCWF to build a permanent facility to raise birds for release into the wild. This all started back in the spring of 1999 with the building of a new barn and flight pens.
Over the last nine years various upgrading has been done to the facility. The barn has doubled its size to almost 2000 square feet. The flight pen has tripled in size from 10,000 ft to 30,000 ft.

This gives us the room we need to raise 1500 birds. We get our day- old chicks around the 20th of May each year. The flight pen is set up to resemble the natural habitat in southwest Saskatchewan. At ten weeks of age we start to release the birds into the wild. Over the summer months we sell some birds to help subsidize the operation of the pheasant pen. Anyone interested in purchasing birds for release on their land can contact Ron Button to make arrangements.

This is a growing project so come out and have a look around. We are located 10km south of Swift Current on Lac Pelletier Trail.


Ron Button

Pheasant Release
Rudy Giesbrecht was able to help his dad, Nick release pheasants in the Swift Current area. Pretty neat!!
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