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Welcome to our site! We are looking forward to seeing member's photos from the past hunting and fishing seasons! Send them to the address below and we will put them on the website:
Banded Pheasant Reporting Form
If you harvest a banded rooster, please take a couple of minutes to enter the information to help us keep track of birds harvested. Thanks!
Pheasant Reporting Form
Paved Walking Path at the Burnett Site
We would like to thank Mobile Paving for their generous donation of the paving from the parking lot at the Burnett site to the wheelchair-accessible dock. The donation is valued at over $21,000!! This brings us one step closer to completing the upgrades.

Rainbow Trout
We have stocked various sizes of Rainbow Trout in the Burnett Site this spring. Try to catch the 5 pounder in the pond!! If you are successful, take a photo of you and the Rainbow trout with dock in the background showing a successful release. Email us and you will be entered to win a free Swift Current Wildlife Federation membership for next year!!

Helpful Hunter Links
Purchasing a license and Big Game Draw
2018 Hunter's and Trapper's Guide
Turn in Poachers
How hunters can help with CWD

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